Aussiedoodle Breed Information

Aussiedoodle PuppyAussiedoodle dogs are mixed breeds, meaning that their parents are of two different breeds. In this case, one of the parents of an Aussiedoodle is an Australian Shepherd, the other is a Poodle. As you can see, the name of the hybrid incorporates the names of both parents, as is the case with many of these portmanteau breeds.

One of the characteristics of hybrid dogs is that they can be a bit random when it comes to their appearance, temperament, health and needs. Since they take something from both parents, you have no way of knowing what they will look like, what size they will be, what potential health problems are more likely, or how friendly they will be with your kids.

Other names for the Aussiedoodle include Aussie Poo and Aussi-Poo.

We’ll continue to cover both sides of the genetic makeup of this dog in our articles, together with articles on temperament, health, feeding, training, and so on.

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